Amélie Blaise

Amélie Blaise

A brand that bears the name of its creator. Amélie Blaise has been making jewelry for about twenty years. With her sister Mathilde, they decide to create a company together, in order to develop her production of costume jewelery in France. The two sisters work in partnership with artisans in Paris and the Paris region. Their boutique and workshop in Paris are accessible to everyone. From the start, the brand has opted for local manufacturing while maintaining affordable prices. The designer draws each element that makes up an Amélie Blaise jewel using cut and engraved brass. You will find enamelling, marquetry, pearls and wood on all the Amélie Blaise collections.

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Amélie Blaise's jewels

Discover long earrings made in France where we recognize a quality craftsmanship. Fall for the earrings with geometric shapes or earrings representing animals. You will have the choice between short or long sleepers, the choice is yours! Also find a wide selection of Amélie Blaise chain necklaces and bracelets in a wide variety of styles and tones.

The new and old Amélie Blaise collections

The designer offers two collections a year, drawing inspiration from modern or ancient traditional motifs. Fall for creations with Art Deco inspirations but also with the avant-garde spirit of the 20th century. You will find many collections on our Olivolga website such as the new Inouïe collection, the Naïve collection, Exoticae.

Collections at low prices

Fall for the new Inca collection on sale on the site. Amélie Blaise earrings, necklaces, bracelets at low prices. You will love the Tohu Bohu collection at a reduced price. Every year, during events such as the sales or Black Friday, we are committed to offering you these little nuggets unearthed by our experts at reduced prices in limited quantities.

costume jewelry with wood

Discover many themes combining engraved brass with an old bronze, copper, patinated silver and gold finish and engraved and tinted wood marquetry. A unique rendering for unique jewelry. All of their jewelry with wood is carefully made in Paris in their workshop.