Clip-on earrings


We offer you a selection of the most beautiful clip-on earrings. Whether you have pierced ears or not, the clips adapt to everyone. Find light and comfortable clips for more sensitive ears. Very trendy clips with an original design proposed by the brand Franck Herval. You are a fan of materials rich in connection with nature, you will not be put aside with the natural stone line. Nature's round clips are in garnet, malachite, aventurine. Nature's dangling clip earrings are made of red agate, sodalite, horn, jade and aventurine. The Ori Tao brand offers clip earrings where silver and gold metal is worked in all its forms; hammered, folded, engraved.

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The clip, a jewel for all women.

You are prone to allergies and you have given up on fancy earrings, our experts have unearthed the solution to your problem, lighter clips made of different materials reducing the risk of allergy. Opt for Nature bijoux, Franck Herval or Ori Tao clips. Whether you have pierced ears or not, the clips adapt to all lobes, that's what makes them strong.

The clip, a comfortable jewel.

Our team offers you quality clips that don't hurt. If you have sensitive ears, we recommend our light clips which combine comfort and design. Indeed, thanks to these comfortable little jewels and their featherweight, you can wear curls without suffering. The clips also follow the trend, today you find creole clips, vintage, and clips with different pendants very easy to wear.