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Nach is the story of two sisters driven by a common passion, animals, porcelain, jewelry and of course nature. Thai by their mother, and French by their father, they explore and mix the two cultures in their creations. Discover porcelain jewelry in verdant colors with exotic animals. The brand uses several techniques for its creations, pencil, collage, digital and mainly watercolor. These small porcelain creations honor nature, opt for the leopard head at your fingertips or pelican earrings. Designed locally in a Toulouse workshop, these creations ensure quality and fine detail.

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Nach earrings, porcelain jewelry

Nach creates earrings in porcelain and brass gilded with fine 24 carat gold. Each step is very long, it can take up to ten days to make a part. It all starts with a drawing, then comes the sculpture, the moulds, the cooking, the polishing, the painting and finally the assembly. Our Olivolga experts advise you to preserve the metal used on Nach jewelry by limiting its contact with water, perfumes or any other cleaning products. Porcelain will always retain its original shine and beauty. Porcelain is a very delicate material, it is very important to take care of it.

Nach jewelry sales

Always on the lookout for new trends and overflowing with new ideas, the Nach designers offer you new collections regularly. Nach offers new products every year in terms of jewelry or accessories. At Olivolga, we offer two sales periods to take advantage of Nach jewelry at low prices. Take advantage of the Nach jewelry sales as well as the Nach jewelry on sale at blackfriday.