Nolença, brand of organic perfumes

Discover Nolença, a brand that advocates eco-design, its eau de parufm is composed of 80% alcohol from organic wheat farming. Nolença perfumes are composed of at least 85% natural ingredients. In addition, no dyes or toxic products are used in the perfumes. Opt for this new environmentally friendly perfumery at a fair and affordable price. Anais and Laurie, the creators of Nolença called on recognized perfumers to design the olfactory of tomorrow. Nolença means fragrance in Occitan, a nod to Toulouse, city of the heart of one of the brand's two creators.

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Nolença is a young and pretty French brand, its perfumes can be worn alone or mixed with other fragrances to create your own sensory identity.

Eau de Parfum Nolença

Our experts explain the difference between an eau de parfum and an eau de toilette. Eau de Parfums are more concentrated than Eau de Toilette. The amount of ingredients used is not the same. Eau de parfum will stay longer on your skin unlike eau de toilette which will evaporate after three hours. Find perfumes like Swing feather, Rosca Ametlla and many others on Olivolga.

Eau de toilette Nolença

Find a selection of eau de toilette at an affordable price, eau de toilette is immortalized by a breath. They are made with organic wheat alcohol in a refillable and recyclable bottle. The toilet waters do not use plastic or dyes. Fall for Swing Feather in an eau de toilette version.

Nolença solid perfume

The solid perfume has as many fragrances and scents as a liquid perfume. This small solid concentrate is very compact and applies like a balm. Discover solid perfumes and liquid perfumes in spray, 100% natural, with an uncompromising composition and without alcohol.