Jalan Jalan

Jalan jalan

Jalan Jalan was created by Patrick Aubert in 1993.  A globe-trotter since he was a teenager, Patrick arrived in Indonesia in 1987; he dropped his suitcase in Bali and has called it home until now. Patrick has a very diverse collection; he is passionate about colour and style. He uses sterling silver and beautiful natural stones such as turquoise, moon stone, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, etc... His French upbringing combined with the Indonesian influence and his travels throughout the world have developed his style.   He has created a hippy-chic ethnic look with a European touch that stands out amongst the rest and is a pleasure to wear.
Patrick collaborates with the local craftsmen to create every collection.  From concept to finished piece, the master silversmiths bring the designs to life and with attention to detail to ensure consistently high quality crafted jewellery.


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