Lady Amherst

Lady Amherst, jewelry handmade in France

Fall for Lady Amherst jewelry made in a workshop in France with noble materials. The designer changed her life to be able to express her emotions through her costume jewellery. His passion for beautiful materials was first revealed with the pen, then the mixture of materials is essential on his creations. You will find grained leather, gemstones, fur, silk thread, each jewel then becomes a work of art. Each piece is made from natural materials, which gives them their own identity. Our experts assure you of a favorite for a perfect combination of colors and materials with leather and feathers.

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Lady Amherst brand history

The brand name refers to the name of a species of pheasant. This name was given in honor of Sarah Amherst, wife of the Governor General of India. The jewelry brand is committed to offering quality products, in fact, the suppliers are French or European for all the raw materials. The feathers can come from more exotic regions but always in compliance with the CITES convention.

A unique know-how

The designer has chosen to use noble materials and to make her creations by hand in her workshop in France while maintaining affordable prices. Its promise, jewelry with an elegant design that skilfully combines materials such as leather and feathers and bright colors for a unique and exceptional result.

Feather earring, the brand's flagship earrings

Find a touch of rock and a feeling of freedom on all the brand's feather earrings. Fall for the grained leather in different colors and the feather.