Macon & Lesquoy

Macon et Lesquoy, hand-embroidered jewelry and crests

The story of Macon and Lesquoy begins with an encounter between two women, in love with elegance and detail. Inspired by their travels, ideas flow and are transcribed into their jewelry and hand-embroidered badges. Find small accessories with a funny and quirky design that allow you to carry a message in style. The designers use cannetil thread embroidery on all of their jewellery. The brand uses the ancestral know-how of several craftsmen in Pakistan, Portugal and Rwanda. Concerned about detail, the two women offer new collections over the seasons. Fall for the audacity and humor of these Macon and Lesquoy badges and brooches.

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Macon and Lesquoy embroidered brooch

The brand uses several types of manufacture, for brooches, it uses the cannetil thread technique. This know-how requires the use of highly qualified craftsmen. The craftsmen use a metal wire, very finely wound in a spiral, cut to length and then embroidered like pearls. Everyone can find their style and display their personality thanks to the beautiful brooch collections of this creative brand.

Handmade brooch

All the brooches offered are designed with care. Opt for these funny and elegant accessories. All creations carry messages. The embroideries are entirely done by hand, in cannetille thread, a know-how straight from Pakistan.

Embroidered pearl brooch

Also find pearls on many brooches, the cannetil thread technique is used to embroider pearls on the brand's jewelry.

Macon and Lesquoy brooch sales

Each year, we offer two sales periods and a blackfriday period for a selection of brands. Unfortunately, the Macon and Lesquoy patches will not be discounted. You can take advantage of discounted products from other brands in our Outlet category, available all year round.