Parabaya, resin jewelry assembled in France

Discover Parabaya, the essential brand for very colorful and refined resin bracelets. Fall for the golden sequins present on the new Parabaya jewelry collection. Each bracelet is designed by the Franco-Brazilian designer with passion and know-how. Whether you are looking for jewelry to wear every day or more daring pieces, this new brand unearthed by our experts will satisfy your desires.


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    The story of Parabaya bijoux, brand of Franco-Brazilian resin bracelets

    Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Parabaya Bijoux whose name comes from two names of Brazilian cities, indeed, the designer draws all her inspiration from her native country and her host country. Opt for quality and elegance by choosing Parabaya Bijoux, and let yourself be seduced by original and timeless creations. Bracelets are made with sustainable materials including quality stamps and finishes to bring you more ethical resin jewelry.

    New Arrivals Bracelets Parabaya jewelry

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