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red & blue long earrings "Mestisa"




The red & blue long earrings belongs to Mestisa theme of the new collection Nature Bijoux. The Nature Bijoux jewels from Mestisa theme are made of red agate, citrine, eye of saint lucia, robles, tiger, cornaline, lapis-lazuli, bone, red jasper, turquoise, amazonite, pink quartz.

Choose one of the three moods of this luminous jewelry line, evocative of freedom and happiness. Each universe has three pairs of earrings, two bracelets and a necklace.

Nature Bijoux has been offering, for more than 35 years, original, surprising
and unique craft collections. Each jewel is handmade and imagined by Amaury, the French designer of the Nature Bijoux brand.

Each Nature Bijoux piece of jewellery is unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the picture of presentation. Each Nature Bijoux piece of jewellery comes with its packaging.
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BrandNature bijoux
CompositionBijoux en agate rouge, citrine, oeil de sainte lucie, robles, oeil de tigre, cornaline, lapis-lazuli, os, jaspe rouge, turquoise, amazonite, quartz rose.
Dimension8 cm

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