Les Néréides

Oriental Lumpur 100ml



The story of Oriental Lumpur: A heady rush of shifting spices - at one moment nutmeg, at another saffron, then the briefest hint of tantalizing curry. This is the spirit of a grand, ancient maketplace - merchants from around the globe vying your attention, waving precious oils and spices under your nose until they all blend into one divinely exotic concoction. An exhilaratingly different scent. If you love spice, this one has your name on it.

Base: vanilla, benzoin, amber
Head: saffron, black pepper, cinnamon
Middle: sandalwood, patchouli

The collection by Les Néréides

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MarqueLes Néreides
Concentrationeau de parfum
Notessensual amber woods, oriental
Packagingluxury box
Size100 ml / 3.4 Fl.oz

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