Franck Herval

center piece metal short necklace "Kara"




The center piece metal short necklace belongs to Kara theme of the new collection Franck Herval. The Franck Herval jewels from Kara theme are made of lapis-lazuli, labradorite, black lip, coralliophila violacea, pearl, garnet, impression jasper, amazonite.

Opt for this ultra chic ethnic jewelry line! It is distinguished with three different atmospheres. Each mood has its own tones with different colors and materials.

Franck Herval jewellery is born of the unique skillset of a jeweller who’s designer and manufacturer all rolled into one. Each jewel is handmade and dreamed up by Manuelle, the creator fizzing with ideas of Franck Herval.

Each Franck Herval piece of jewelry is unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the picture of presentation. Franck Herval jewelry is delivered with the brand's packaging.
The collection by Franck Herval

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BrandFranck Herval
CompositionBijoux en lapis-lazuli, labradorite, nacre noire, coralliophila violacea, perles de culture, grenat, jade impression, amazonite.
Dimension40 cm

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