Franck Herval

small oval post ER(white) Becky




Fancy a Franck Herval jewel that is both chic and refined? Opt for Becky jewelry and its organic design available in two shades.Find white mother-of-pearl associated with abalone and malachite. The metal used in this Franck Herval jewelry line is textured which makes it even more unique.

They belong to the Spring - Summer 2021 collection. The Franck Herval jewels from Becky theme are made of Green Aventurine, Haliotis Iris, Malachite, Seashell, Swarovski, Golden mother-of-pearl.

The collection by Franck Herval

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BrandFranck Herval
CompositionBijoux en Aventurine verte, Haliotis Iris, Malachite, Coquillage, Swarovski, Nacre dorée.
Dimension3,4 cm

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