Franck Herval

Anna ring



ANNA XL ring. We like these jewellery collections created to combine your desires, your feelings, your moods and enhance your own individual look ... Variety and wealth of the natural components are at the core of Franck Herval concept: each Franck Herval piece of jewellery is almost unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the picture of presentation. Each Franck Herval piece of jewellery comes with its packaging.
The collection by Franck Herval

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MarqueFranck Herval
Sizeadjustable, 1-size-fits-all
CompositionThème Anna : perle de verre, Swarovski, nacre blanche, cristal de roche, calcite, métal argenté et laiton doré à l’or fin sans nickel et traité contre les allergies.

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