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Discover a wide selection of costume jewelry from the biggest designer brands. Each jewel is unique and will reveal its history to you, whether it is discreet to be worn permanently or original by its design, we have the jewel for you. An aspiration for natural stones or a more ethical manufacturing? Opt for eco-responsible, French designers or those who achieve excellence thanks to their know-how. Refine your style with our hundreds of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings that combine quality and know-how. We reveal our latest trendy stuff unearthed carefully for you. You will discover well-known brands such as Nature bijoux, Amélie Blaise, Nach and our Olivolga jewelry collection designed in France by our designer.

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How to choose costume jewelry

To help you choose the best jewelry, it is important to see it as the final touch to your outfit. With more than a thousand references, we assure you to have the trendy accessory you need for a wedding, a birth, a birthday or simply to please yourself.

Your style influences the choice of jewelry

Each season we select for you designer brands that combine their creations with elegance in order to offer you the widest possible choice of necklaces, rigid, adjustable or extendable bracelets, classic earrings or clips. These accessories combine materials and colors to adapt to all looks. Your ethnic, chic, casual, vintage, classic or even bohemian style determines the jewel you will choose.

The dominant color of your clothes will also determine the bracelets you wear around your arm or the number of rings on your hand. Your morphology and your silhouette are also to be taken into account. A thin and discreet breastplate or necklace will not sublimate your face in the same way. In order to best meet your expectations, we remain on the lookout for the latest novelties of the moment to offer you the best costume jewelery from our favorite designers.

Your values ​​and aspirations for high-end costume jewelry.

Immerse yourself in the world of craftsmanship, we offer creators like Mishky and his ethical jewelry entirely made by hand. Discover L'atelier des Dames and its accessories made in France adorned with gemstones. Several designers draw each piece from A to Z and design every detail of the jewel in order to offer you the best.

We are concerned about the transparency of brands and their production chain, which is why we offer you the best designer costume jewelry in line with our values. Our jewelry is a good way to please, take advantage of our selection of current gift ideas to please a loved one. We also slip pretty packaging or goodies and gift cards into your parcels to make this moment even more personal. You will enjoy wearing the jewels of our carefully selected designers on a daily basis.