Thomas Gravereau

The colorful and committed universe of Thomas Gravereau

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Thomas Gravereau, an artist who celebrates love in all its diversity. His illustrations, full of life and emotion, give birth to a unique collection of notebooks and postcards available on Olivolga. Explore her creations that highlight love through bright colors and embrace all identities. Let yourself be inspired by the richness of his artistic expression.


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    Thomas Gravereau: An artist who draws Love in all its forms

    We are proud to present the works of Thomas Gravereau, a passionate artist with a strong message. His illustrations, both playful and profound, are a vibrant tribute to the diversity of human relationships.

    A source of feminist and LGBTQIA+ inspiration

    Thomas Gravereau draws his inspiration from his feminist education and his discovery of LGBTQIA+ culture. Her works are a celebration of the diversity of bodies, genders, and sexual orientations, offering an inclusive and caring vision of love and sexuality.

    Creations that speak of the heart and the mind as in his book Thomas Gravereau as long as it is hard

    Thomas Gravereau's notebooks and postcards are not simple objects: they are messengers of love, respect and diversity. Each piece carries a strong message, encouraging reflection and questioning preconceived ideas. With a style that is both childish and daring, Thomas Gravereau invites us to see the world in a new light, full of colors and possibilities. Be inspired by her unique vision of love and share a message of inclusiveness and joy through her exceptional creations.