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Ori tao, silver and gold jewelry

Discover Ori Tao jewelry, created in 2015, the brand offers unique collections that are both contemporary and attractive by the work of craftsmen elaborated by hand on metal. Opt for a material transformed in all forms, hammered, bent, chiselled and engraved, discover metal as you have never seen it before. The designers of Ori Tao are inspired by fashion and ancient cultures to design their jewelry. This brand is for all women looking for a balance between style and comfort. Ori Tao jewelry reflects a certain freedom of expression, a constantly renewed creativity that promotes luminous and refined creations.

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The know-how of Ori tao

Each Ori Tao jewel is made in the brand's workshops in the Philippines. The creators use brass and pewter as materials on all Ori Tao jewelry. Opt for these jewels of very high quality, entirely designed by hand. Metal has endless possibilities, indeed craftsmen can play with the material by giving it another aspect, another texture and shape. By playing with the material, the brand gives you the opportunity to buy original silver jewelry at an affordable price. Our Olivolga experts draw your attention to the fact that all Ori Tao jewelery benefits from a treatment of metal surfaces using the electroplating process. For silvering, a 925 silver deposit of 5 to 10 microns is applied. For fine gold gilding, the brand uses an 18K gold layer of 0.3 microns and 0.5. The creators use ancestral techniques totally mastered in order to offer you very high quality jewellery.

Ori Tao jewelry sales

Every year, our Olivolga experts are committed to offering you Ori Tao jewelery at reduced prices. Take advantage of sales and other exclusive promotions twice a year. We also offer an Ori Tao Outlet category to have Ori Tao jewelry on sale all year round. Some jewelry will also be on sale on Black Friday in November.