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Discover a selection of handcrafted brooches for women. This timeless jewel can be worn on clothing, a scarf or a bag, to be worn alone or in accumulation. Whatever your mood at the moment, Macon and Lesquoy brooches go with all your outfits. These original creations are hand-embroidered in cannetille thread with funny and endearing patterns, we assure you that you will fall in love with these very trendy models that will change your look for sure. This jewel too often forgotten in a drawer is to be pinned or clipped. Choose the design that suits you, animal, flower, gold or silver brooch and transform your outfit in the blink of an eye.

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A selection of jewelry brooches for women

Elegant and daring, the brooch has taken an important place in the world of jewelry for several years. Indeed, from the 1930s, the brooch was placed on the left shoulder. At that time, this jewel was worn alone and was sufficient on its own. Today you can perfectly combine it with other women's jewelry or with another vintage, old, silver or gold brooch. The advantage of this little accessory is its versatility, it's up to you to compose your own style!

The different types of brooches for women

At Olivolga, we offer several types of brooches, safety pin brooches such as Macon and Lesquoy brooches. Find clip brooches, no need to pierce the fabrics, Nach brooches are very easy to attach to all clothes. Nach jewels have the particularity of being made with porcelain with a design representing animal heads, these jewels are more fragile. The brooch comes in all forms, it also carries messages and attention, it is the ideal gift to offer for all occasions.