Nolença Perfumes


Succumb to Nolença perfumes, a brand based in Paris but inspired by the pink city, which gives softness and poetry to all its creations. Nolença perfumes are made with organic wheat alcohol and 80% ingredients of natural origin. The creations are made in France, more precisely in Grasse and Vallauris for packaging. The pump can be unscrewed, so you can reuse it and recharge it without moderation. You will be charmed by its totally ecological packaging from sustainably managed forests. Nolença perfumes are not only responsible and committed perfumes, they are also exceptional fragrances with notes of bergamot, orange blossom, vanilla, iris. We assure you, you will find the perfume that suits you.


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    How to choose your Nolença perfume?

    We have selected for you Nolença perfumes whose fragrances vary in order to leave a wake that is yours. You must first determine your olfactory preferences, floral, woody powdery, gourmet, fresh or spicy. Then identify the notes you prefer, for example, rose, bergamot, orange blossom. Finally, look at the list of perfumes and according to their ingredients, scents and fragrances you will find what you are looking for.

    Floral Nolença perfumes to wear in summer

    Close your eyes and smell the fragrance And if this morning you will surely see a pretty bouquet of flowers. Opt for notes of Orange Blossom, Vietnam Basil and papyrus-patchouli. The Degas, Dance, Drawing perfume, also called D,D,D is also a perfume with exceptional scents such as pear, Magnolia, and wood.

    Spicy Nolença fragrances to give character to your wake

    Rosca Ametlla was born from a rousquille, a Catalan specialty, and its very particular taste. Find tangy notes associated with spices such as cinnamon and star anise. You can also opt for Swing Feather with floral and powdery notes of iris and violet combined with cumin and benzoin.