L'indochineur, jewelry made in Vietnam by artisans

L'indochineur creates its own collections of jewelry and decorative objects by combining the know-how of Vietnamese craftsmen with contemporary French style. From the beginning, the brand worked directly with its craftsmen in northern Vietnam around Hanoi. Find jewelry and everyday objects with simple and timeless shapes. You will love the work on the steatite stone, a natural stone where the polishing carried out by the craftsmen reveals its satin shine. Opt for jewelry made with blond or black horn combined with lacquer. The horn used comes only from recovered materials. Discover meticulous work that requires patience and great precision. The brand favors materials with natural beauty and a unique appearance.

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Horn Jewelry

In Vietnam, horn jewelry has been created for many years. Jewelry made from buffalo horn or African zebu has the particularity of being very light to wear and therefore very pleasant. What makes each piece unique is the quality of the natural material used. L'indochineur offers you three types of horns, the African zebu horn, the black African zebu horn and finally the black buffalo horn.

Horn earring

Discover African zebu horn earrings, this horn is marbled with blond and black. Each piece is unique and the craftsman has put all his heart and time into selecting the right horn color for all Indochineur jewelry. You should know that the buffalo horn is totally black. Discover a selection of earrings combining natural stone and horn. Discover buckles with geometric shapes that are very light to wear.

Horn strap

Handcrafted, the bracelets offered respond to several styles. Find the cuff bracelet, rigid bracelets combining horn and lacquer. Opt for weekly bracelets in different shades. Fall for simple rushes that can be worn in accumulation or alone. Opt for jewelry with irregular shapes with L'indochineur.