Find original pins among the designer brands that our team has selected for you. Opt for small enamelled Nach jewels in peppy and lively colors on the theme of animals. The French brand Nach puts porcelain at the heart of all their creations, each pin is made and painted by hand. This fashion accessory attaches and attaches where you want it; a jacket, pants or a hat, it's up to you. Like an air of deja vu, the pin straight out of the 80s is back in force. This discreet jewel brings a timeless touch to your outfit.

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Pins with animal heads, the original touch.

Our experts have unearthed for you a French brand based in Toulouse that offers original pins. These porcelain and golden brass pins are hand painted which makes them unique. Thanks to porcelain, your jewelry will retain its shine and beauty, however porcelain remains a delicate and fragile material.

Pins in the shape of flowers, the trendy accessory.

Discover the pins from the Franck Herval brand, Les endearing, a timeless range of floral-themed pins. Opt for daisy, dandelion or poppy. Ideal on a hat during the summer period, this discreet jewel can be used on all clothing or fashion accessories. Succumb to vintage pins with the Franck Herval brand.