Feeka handcrafted jewelry and accessories

Feeka offers you a varied range of jewelry, ranging from gilded brass to fine gold to fine stones, enamel and resin. Created by Vanessa & Virginie, two women passionate about entrepreneurship, travel and crafts, Feeka was born from a common desire to create a brand of unique accessories. Their love for beautiful products, craftsmanship and human connections is reflected in every piece of the Feeka brand. Discover the Feeka earrings, bangles, rings and barrettes, shaped by hand that bring a unique finishing touch to your style.


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    Feeka, quality jewelry, the expression of craftsmanship

    Feeka jewelry and accessories are not just made in India, they are created with love and care. Each piece is the result of a rigorously controlled process carried out by hand in their workshops in India, ensuring that each Feeka accessory is synonymous with quality and authenticity.

    Feeka, unique creations to celebrate simple moments

    Check out their resin earrings adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit. The bangles, colorful and elegant, are perfect to be worn alone or layered for a more daring look. Feeka rings, whether in brass gilded with fine gold, adorned with fine stones or enamel, are pieces that dress the hands with elegance and sophistication. The unique designs of these barrettes reflect the attention to detail. From casual elegance to sophisticated sparkle, these barrettes are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your hairstyle, whatever your style or the occasion.