Discover Jamini, a Franco-Indian brand that combines French elegance and Indian craftsmanship. The designer Usha Bora, also called, the daughter of the earth, offers you clutches, bags and cushions in wool and cotton for a chic and daring style. The brand uses the hand loom weaving technique for cotton and silk practiced by women called weavers. This choice of manufacture makes it possible to preserve the Indian heritage as well as the emancipation of these women. Our experts assure you that you will fall in love with the Jamini pouches, toiletry bags and travel cases with their floral design, because by choosing them, you are helping to preserve traditional know-how and support communities of artisans.


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    Designer Usha Bora

    Usha grew up in the heart of the tea plantations with the rhinos and elephants her grandfather was in charge of, she decided to take her future in hand and left India for France. Arrived in France, she wishes to use her talent to realize her dream by associating Indian tradition and French chic. She created Jamini, which then became obvious.

    The history of the Jamini brand name

    The Jamini adventure begins with a flower, a true source of inspiration in India for artists and artisans since the dawn of time. Jamini means purple in Hindi, the designer chose this name which refers to the purple color of the lotus flower. This flower is a symbol of resilience and purity.

    The design of the Jamini collections

    The Jamini house offers decorative objects with Indian inspirations, find cushions made using ancestral craftsmanship. It is in the heart of Assam in India that the designer draws her inspiration for all of her hand-woven creations. Fall for the pouches and pencil cases with ethnic prints and perfect color combinations.