Nature Bijoux

Nature jewelry, jewelry made of natural materials

Discover the Nature bijoux brand, handmade natural stone jewelry. The creator, Amaury, has only one mission, to make you dream through his jewelry. Always on the lookout for new materials, he explores nature, draws on his creativity and has used craftsmanship for 40 years to offer authentic, elegant and unique jewellery. Discover a wide choice of natural materials such as Agate, Lapis-lazuli, Aquamarine, mother-of-pearl, cultured pearls, howlite, citrine, amazonite. Opt for Nature bijoux rings, bracelets, necklaces. Find all the Nature bijoux collections and new products on Olivolga.

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Nature bijoux, natural jewelry brand

The brand offers several jewels made with natural materials from nature that the designer explores every day, in order to give life to his ever more surprising creations from season to season.

Mother-of-pearl jewelry

Creativity is the key word of the brand indeed, it has been more than 40 years that the company has been making jewelry from natural materials drawn from the heart of nature. Nature bijoux offers a wide choice of jewelry made with mother-of-pearl, blond, brown or black. Mother-of-pearl brings a feeling of well-being to the wearer. Mother-of-pearl is quite simply inside a shell, it is the shell of a mollusk with iridescent reflections. This material comes from nature and gives a jewel a unique and refined shine.

Seashell jewelry

A shell jewel can be a jewel with a shell itself or simply a jewel that uses a material from a shell. The brand uses this material a lot indeed, you will find many necklaces made with a very creative assembly of shells of various colors and textures for a unique rendering. Opt for Nature jewelry bracelets with shells for the summer season.

wooden jewelry

The designer is aimed at all curious women who are looking for jewelry with a story. Buying Nature bijoux means adopting natural jewelry made with respect for the environment and human rights. Discover a selection of wooden jewelry, you will love the quality of these little nuggets of nature. Robust, colorful and elegant, you can combine these wooden creations with all your outfits.

Nature jewelry sales

Each year the designer, Amaury Christin, takes you on a journey by offering you new Nature collections each season to complete the Olivolga catalogue. This is why we offer discounts and promotions on Nature jewelry during sales periods each year. You will also find promotions all year round on the Nature bijoux outlet tab. Take advantage of promotions up to -60% on old collections.