The beginning

Fond of fashion and designer jewellery, Karine - the founder - is frustrated the items that she likes on the Internet. 

After a talk over a glass of Burgundy wine - the beautiful French area where the company was settled - the idea matures and Olivolga is in the starting box!

The website starts with a small brand list, meaning the heart of the concept and offering a good synergy between all the items.

The brands

Specialized in fashion jewellery, Olivolga selects the brands that she likes.

Les Néréides, Taratata and Zoé Bonbon have been featured from the beginning and have enabled the adventure to start well. Other famous brands like N2, Satellite or Franck Herval have then expanded the product line.

Olivolga also gives young designers a say, real artists like Amélie Blaise, Anne Thomas, Piti or Kiss the Frog Studio whose personalities show through the jewellery they create. They dare to go out of conventional paths and offer different designs.

Olivolga closely works with the brands which are featured on the website and stocks a large range of items from each collection.

Jewellery with different styles but something for everyone!

The things that make the difference

Customer service is Olivolga's priority.

Returning customers as well as the new ones are considered with the same respect. 

A skilled warm welcome and precious advice are guaranteed over the phone - in French or in English.

A great importance to details is given through packaging with gift wrappings and boxes which are regularly renewed.

The name

Olivolga ... a name imagined by Karine and which refers to her 2 loving pets: her unforgettable rabbit Olive and her sweet dog Olga.