Le Sou Français

Le Sou Français

Wear a piece of history, that's the promise of the Le Sou Français brand. Find bracelets for women and men made in their workshop in Hossegor in the Landes. The brand has been able to develop by offering necklaces, earrings and key rings. Its creator, Kilian Croguennec, was inspired by his family history by creating bracelets with a cord and a coin, a kind of lucky charm to have on your wrist. The process of making a French Le Sou jewel involves several steps. First, the company searches for coins, such as Lindauer coins or new francs. Then comes the restoration, in order to make the coins look newer. Finally, plating in silver, gold or matte black coating. By being transmitted from hand to hand, coins have a history that must be kept alive.

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French bracelets for men and women

Fall for bracelets in soft colors for women and sober colors for men. The cord type and color differ depending on the model.

Lindauer coin bangle

Are you looking for bracelets made in France with a story? You have come to the right place, Le Sou français is for you. Created in 2015, the brand has real know-how, especially in sourcing each coin. Some are very rare and difficult to find, which makes these jewels so special. Fall for the Lindauer coin, manufactured between 1917 and 1939 and its reproductions made by the brand. The advice of our experts to keep its color intact, do not put the bracelet in contact with water.

Bracelet and necklace with a franc

Discover a unisex bracelet with an adjustable cord associated with the circle of a reworked 10-franc coin. This 10-franc coin is in gold-plated pewter, these little historical jewels were manufactured between 1960 and 2000. Also find centimes of francs mounted on many necklaces with a chain and colored beads.

Le Sou Français promo code

We offer Le Sou Francais promo codes to our loyal customers. This new brand available on Olivolga is one of our experts' favorites made in France. We want to offer you products that combine quality and local know-how. You will find French Le Sou jewelery at reduced prices during sales periods, balckfriday or private sales. Le Sou Français has surrounded itself with local partners who meet the same requirements; more eco-responsible manufacturing. This is why the brand uses exceptional leather shaped by enthusiasts and all this, sent and delivered in supportive packaging.