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Discover bracelets that stand out for their simplicity and quality. Our experts offer you multiple possible combinations, leather, silver or bangle bracelets to refine your style. Opt for bracelets with pearls in natural materials associated with stainless steel or silver metal. For our most fervent adventurers, you will love Nature Bijoux's tamarind wood bracelets. Find the emblematic bracelet of the French Sou brand and its pewter coin, a unisex jewel, adjustable and made in France. Finally, you will also be charmed by the Ori Tao men's jewelry where the know-how of the craftsmen is honored on the silver-plated brass of the bangles.

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Which men's bracelet to choose?

This is the question you may be asking yourself, which bracelet to offer or which one to buy for you? At Olivolga we highlight several designer brands such as Nature bijoux, Ori Tao and the French Sou which manufacture jewelry for men. Their bracelets can be unisex, ie can be worn by a woman or a man. All our bracelets are designed by French companies and all of them highlight a unique know-how that certain craftsmen practice today. The choice of bracelet will be made by the material used or by the way it was made or quite simply according to your style. These jewels are fashion accessories that allow you to express your personality.

Stretch bracelets for men, jewelry that adapts to all wrists.

The Nature bijoux brand, well known for its jewelry made of natural materials, offers many bi-material bracelets combining aesthetics and comfort. These bracelets for men are inspired by industrial design and nature in order to offer originality to your wrist. Do you want authenticity? Choose the French penny and its jewelry with a Launder coin made in the southwest of France.

Rigid bracelets in silver metal.

If your wrist is rather wide, we advise you to choose jewelry made of stretchy natural materials. Indeed the metal Ori Tao rushes can adapt to the size of your wrist by a few centimeters. Your morphology, your tastes and the composition will determine the choice of bracelet. Are you a fan of rigid jewelry? So look no further, Ori Tao bangles are made for you.