Parfums Maison Matine


Are you looking for a committed and responsible perfumer with eau de parfums with an original design? You've come to the right place, at Olivolga whether or not you know the Maison Matine brand, we assure you that you will fall in love with this very trendy eco-responsible company. Discover a wide range of unisex fragrances, these graphic nuggets found by our Olivolga experts are unisex, free, creative and responsible. Perfumes with an inspiring design made in France in Paris, Grasse and Chartres. These mixed perfumes are not only made in France, their composition also makes sense, in fact, the alcohol comes from organic farming and the ingredients used in the perfumes are harvested in a way that respects nature.

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Why choose a Maison Matine perfume?

Maison Matine offers unisex fragrances created by a new generation of committed perfumers. The brand is aimed at people in search of meaning and independence. A generation that no longer wishes to follow what is dictated to them, free and casual people. Perfumes that are born in limited edition to represent the world of today.

Maison Matine Midday bath or Maison Matine Before the storm

These two Maison Matine eau de parfums are the brand's best-sellers. Bain de midi is a soft and casual creation with summery notes. An ideal scent for summer. Avant l'orage is more alternative and represents a moment suspended in time. This new perfumer adapts to the society in which we live, he is also very committed and committed to developing perfumes that have even more meaning. New so-called greener collections are available. You will be charmed by this very trendy new brand which offers a new vision of perfumery.