Les Néreides perfumes


Discover Les Néréides eau de parfum, both sweet and intense. Succumb to the freshness and delicacy of the new Les Néréides collections. Find names of original perfumes like Pas de Velours or Baie de Cassis that invite you to travel. Immerse yourself in a spring garden with fresh scents and vegetal notes such as mimosa, rose or orange blossom. You are surely familiar with the brand's first perfume, Le Patchouli Antique, reissued a few years ago but still faithful to its origins. This eau de parfum for women offers a unique olfactory signature. Let yourself be tempted by these eau de parfums from Les Néréides, a French family business for over 40 years.


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    What is the difference between old and new patchouli?

    Patchouli embodies French sophistication with its new woody and incense notes, this eau de parfum is simply mystical. The creator wanted to keep the heart of the perfume by adding additional fragrances that give it this indisputable strength of character. The packaging is also different and comes with golden flowers and a monogrammed cap.

    What are the new fragrances from the house of Néréides?

    The new Les Néréides collections feature vegetal notes. Fresh and flowery scents that invite you to travel. Our experts have decided to highlight the following eau de parfums; eau de parfum orange star, No velvet and Blackcurrant berry. These perfumes are made in France in the tradition of great perfumers and available in 30ml or 100ml spray.