Fisura: a creative revolution in the world of gifts and decoration

Fisura, a pioneering brand that reinvents the art of decoration, gifts, and interior design. Intended for lovers of unique design, for those who seek to stand out from the ordinary, Fisura is the symbol of innovation and creativity. On Olivolga, we invite you to explore the world of Fisura, where each product tells a story. Choosing Fisura means adopting a true way of life, an alliance with creativity, respect for the environment and a taste for innovation. Immerse yourself without delay in our unique collection of Fisura fans and let yourself be seduced.


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    Who is Fisura?

    Fisura stands as a haven for rebellious spirits and lovers of novelty. Founded with the mission of spreading positive vibes, this Spanish brand transcends borders, reaching customers in over 60 countries through its presence in over 6,000 points of sale. The secret of his success? A dynamic team of young talents, known as #FisuraDreamTeam, who share a passion for bold design and originality.

    Fisura fans, a rigorous and responsible selection

    Fisura's commitment to quality and originality is evident in its meticulous selection of its products. From lava lamps to designer doormats, aromatic candles and fans, each Fisura item is chosen for its potential. More than a brand, Fisura is a state of mind, offering original gifts at affordable prices, while adopting an ecological approach.

    Fisura's ecological commitment

    In a world where sustainability has become crucial, Fisura stands out for its commitment to the planet. The brand minimizes its ecological footprint through the reduced use of single-use plastics, favoring recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard. This environmental concern is accompanied by constant vigilance over consumer health, with BPA-free products. Fisura values local production and support for surrounding communities. Many of its products, such as the iconic fans, are made in Spain or Portugal, strengthening the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint linked to transport. This geographic proximity also allows Fisura to maintain exceptional quality and collaborate closely with talented designers and artisans.