Franck Herval

Franck Herval

Immerse yourself in an elegant, refined and original universe with Franck Herval jewelry. Discover combinations of colors and materials for rich and varied styles. Franck Herval jewelry is a reflection of your desires and your moods of the moment. Fall for the earrings with multiple tassels made with natural materials, feminine jewelry that brings lightness and delicacy to your look. The designer of the brand, Manuelle designs her jewelry in the south of France near Toulouse.

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The history of the Franck Herval Jewelry brand

The story begins in 1980, Manuelle, discovers the world of costume jewelry from an early age by wandering the aisles of trade shows and drawing her own jewelry creations at her parents' in Montauban. It was therefore only natural that she joined the family business in 2009 as the creator of the Franck Herval brand.

Manuelle, the creator of the brand

The jewels are designed by Manuelle in the south of France and made by hand by talented craftsmen. She makes each piece scrupulously by combining her creativity and family know-how. Her creations are inspired by everyday life, the trips she has been able to make, the trend of the moment in terms of colors, decoration, fashion and style. On her own, she has created a refined and elegant universe by offering original pieces that will illuminate your style.

The new Franck Herval collections

The jewels are worked by hand by talented craftsmen, model makers and colorists in the family workshop in the Philippines. The craftsman's know-how is highlighted on each of the brand's buckles, bracelets and necklaces. You will find collections with bohemian, chic, poetic, floral and many other inspirations. Each new collection brings originality and a lot of novelty, a way to surprise you from season to season. Find new collections twice a year, as well as timeless jewelry available all year round.