Ankle bracelet


One of a kind, the ankle bracelet is worn on the foot. Often very delicate, the ankle chain allows you to sublimate your style in a discreet way. To be worn most often in summer so that the bracelet can be seen, this jewel for women brings a touch of originality to your outfit. Opt for the brass drops gilded with fine gold or the very colorful beads of the Olivolga anklets. Brighten up your summer outfit with a finely handcrafted chain, it's the essential accessory for this summer. Our Olivolga experts offer you a selection of these special fashion jewels now.


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    How to wear an anklet?

    The ankle bracelet or the chain is worn with flat shoes, heels or even bare feet. This jewel can dress any foot in an elegant and refined way. Regarding your outfit, the chain can be worn with a dress, fairly short jeans, summer pants associated with small leather sandals for example. Follow your desires of the moment by wearing this bracelet alone or in accumulation.

    What material for an anklet?

    At Olivolga we offer you bracelets with very colorful seed beads. Also find our golden brass anklets embellished with small pendants in various colors, orange, blue, lilac or beige. Finally you will also discover pretty adjustable heishi anklets essential for this summer.