Joidart, handmade jewelry

The brand reinterprets nature and especially the sea through its shapes, colors and textures in each of its jewellery. In collaboration with artists, the brand manufactures as close as possible to the Mediterranean coasts. Discover jewels with an extraordinary aesthetic purity. The creators are inspired by works of art by Míro or Gaudí in order to offer you very artistic collections. The jewels are made near Barcelona in the middle of nature with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. A craftsmanship preserved for jewelry made entirely by hand.

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Spanish jewelry designer

Joidart, Spanish brand since 1981 is dedicated to contemporary jewelry. For more than 40 years, the brand has brought together craftsmen and artists from different disciplines in order to offer unique collections. Fall for a minimalist design with original shapes. Discover a wide range of artistic jewelry carefully handcrafted in their workshop located in the heart of nature near Barcelona.

Joidart, contemporary and minimalist jewelry

Find rings, earrings, bracelets made with basic materials such as silver and metal. The brand brings a note of color to its costume jewelry with a manual application of cold enamel. Also find gold-plated jewelry with crystal rhinestones.