Find a selection of eco-responsible French perfumers. Perfumes combining graphics and originality in their design and composition. We are committed to offering you the latest novelties of this year, which highlight ever more daring perfumers in search of meaning. Discover perfumes made with alcohol from organic farming like Maison Matine. Parisian houses in the colors of the pink city, like Nolença which gives access to a new type of perfumery. Opt for our Les Néréides perfume boxes, made in the greatest French tradition. Return to the very essence of perfumery with this new artisanal dimension highlighted by perfumer brands.

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How to find an eau de parfum that suits you?

Are you looking for the best perfume of this year, the most coveted of all? We have it, it's the one that will suit you best. Perfume is an integral part of a person's identity, so your personality will help you choose the most suitable perfume. If you are discreet, opt for lighter and fresher perfumes, if on the contrary you are very assertive in this case, opt for strong and more fragrant perfumes. We have unearthed you trendy perfumes for women but also unisex perfumes. You choose !

The different fragrances guide your choice.

So-called rich fragrances generally include notes of bergamot or patchouli, this is particularly the case with one of the Les Néréides perfumes very well known by the general public. Perfumes with floral scents such as iris or violet have a good reputation, the Nolença brand offers you a wide range of these products. There are also woody or aromatic fragrances based, for example, on lavender or rosemary. Finally, the citrus family is perfect for anyone who loves citrus notes.

A composition made in France.

France is now considered the number 1 reference in terms of unisex perfumes, for women and men. The made in France is a guarantee of quality but not only, it is also a considerably reduced environmental footprint. If you too are more sensitive to the traceability of products and the transparency of perfume brands, opt for the new products offered on our site. We have selected the top 10 responsible perfumes just for you.