Iron-on patches or sticker patches

Find a wide choice of iron-on patches from Macon and Lesquoy. For even more simplicity, opt for our self-adhesive embroidered patches that adhere to smooth materials. Delicate and fragile creations embroidered by hand. It's the little detail that makes all the difference, whether it's to hide a stain, an imperfection or to give style to your garment, this accessory has become essential for all those who like to customize and give personality to their outfit. .

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The Macon and Lesquoy patches, the poetic and offbeat touch

Discover iron-on patches or hand-embroidered stickers, you'll be spoiled for choice. The Macon et Lesquoy brand makes every effort to find craftsmen from here and elsewhere with exclusive know-how. These badges are made in Portugal, designed like jewelry, the Macon and Lesquoy creations are as funny as they are practical. A little advice from our experts, favor cotton as the material for your iron-on patch, in fact this material supports the heat of the iron very well.

Self-adhesive badges, practical and easy to use

The stickers adhere to smooth materials, you can put them on synthetic clothing but also on plastic or leather objects, such as notebooks, bags, helmets. This little novelty is very easy to use, just remove the strip on the back of the patch, and stick it permanently on the garment or object.