Ori Tao

golden adjustable ring "Maasai"




The golden adjustable ring belongs to Maasai theme of the new collection Ori Tao. The Ori Tao jewels from Maasai theme are inspired by the Maasai shields, which are redesigned in an elegant silver-plated brass structure, gilded with 18k gold and bound to a chain of pearls. Give in to the charm of this trendy and ethnic jewelry line!

Created in 2015, ORI TAO propose jewels for women where metal is explored in every shape and form: hammered, engraved, chiselled, folded… An unique know-how at the service of collections of ethnic and seductive jewellery.

Each Ori Tao piece of jewellery is unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the picture of presentation.
The collection by Ori Tao

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BrandOri tao
CompositionBijoux en Laiton plaqué argent et doré à l’or fin 18K.
Dimension56 cm

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